How do you stop an inactive DSC home security system from beeping randomly?

I bought a house about 2 years ago with a DSC home security system installed by the provious owner. I have never activated the service. When I first moved in, the system keypad would randomly beep 2x until someone pressed any keys on the pad. It stopped for a while and has started beeping randomly again, but more frequently. It seems to go off a few times throughout the day, not at any regular intervals, but annoying enough to want to rip it out of the wall (which may be my next step). Again, pressing some of the keys seems to satisfy it for a short time. There are no manuals or instructions for the system and nothing on the pad to provide any advice.

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  1. Marshal says:

    without a programmers manual, the only thing you can do is disconnect the leads going into it. That in itself shouldn’t be too hard, and it won’t leave an unsightly hole in your wall, and may still dupe burglars into thinking you have an alarm system on you home. I hope this helps to save your sanity.

  2. aussie says:

    disconnect the power to it and remove any back up batteries it may have

  3. William E says:

    If you open the keypad, you will see a small speaker inside. Unplug the two wires on the plastic clip and the problem will be solved without damaging the unit….in case you decide to ever use it.

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