PCB using toner transfer method and photo laser paper

How to create a PCB ready for etching, using low-cost toner transfer method, using photo laser paper ? In 10min ? Easily ? Visit sirloon.net for details

Posted in Technology by Admin at February 18th, 2008.
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  1. sirloon75 says:

    toner from laser printers contains plastic, when you iron the paper, toner (and plastic) melt on the copper board, it gets transfered. Since it’s plastic, etchant doesn’t remove, you got your PCB at the end… The main issue here to get some paper where toner won’t get “integrated” into the paper’s structure. That’s why glossy papers are better, toner less sticks on it, you can more easily melt it with your iron.

  2. carlnathan says:

    i know its true but i dont get it. how does the toner protect the copper from being etched?

  3. carlnathan says:

    i have a question. doesn’t photo paper have plastic? doesnt it melt on the board when you iron it.. just a question… im planning on printing my circuit on kodak centers, is it okay? thanks

  4. sirloon75 says:

    Yes, normal piece of copperbut a quality copper board. I observed low quality copper boards don’t give good results, tracks are blur

  5. vjstudio says:

    do you use a normal piece of copper

  6. gweeto052 says:


    You should be using a laser printer not ink-jet

  7. CmdrTobs says:

    Its ok, I was being a fool with an inkjet.

  8. raindogred says:

    search youtube for “Building a super spy bug transmitter” guy called dazaro3 uses plain old used magazine paper. only heats it for 45 secs. search google “Make PCBs at home with magazine paper and your laser printer” – will be listed first.its all there in black and white:)

  9. tubed7 says:

    the quality of the result depends on:
    - surface of the copper (well prepared .. free of grease etc.)
    - the toner itself (some toners are easier to use than others)
    - the temperature of the iron
    - the pressure you apply to the iron (and duration perhaps).
    This is why I don’t use an iron but a modified laminator…… the basics are the same.

  10. rockymountainradio says:

    @CmdrTobs I have also found that because photopaper is now waterproof, one cannot rub it off with fingures like he did at the end. one just has to literly let it soak off with time. maybe he has used old stock photopaper? I would still get the transfers from an electronics shop online for an intricate project

  11. rockymountainradio says:

    @CmdrTobs I have also tried glossy photo paper, you can have some success with it, I made a more simple board than this chap has done and it was 90%ok, had to touch some parts in with a etch resistant pen. I have found that you don;t nead to iron as much as he does but one cannot empahsise enough on the hot water, let it soak the paper compleatly off, and make sure that you do not pull it off at all! I think a better way is to buy sheets of toner transfer at electronics store

  12. AlexMegaSound says:

    гы-гы )

  13. captinsnot says:

    can not use a ink jet printer only
    Laser-Jet Printers will work the paper you used will work but wax paper works good and is cheep

  14. CmdrTobs says:

    I tried this serval times all failures.

    I used photo glossy paper with the ink on full. From iron temperatures starting at hot to paper browning hot. All failures.

    Have I missed something in treating the copper or is this a hoaks?

  15. Hayden3430 says:

    Would of been much quicker to just draw it on with a black pen.

  16. aktechfreak says:

    toner is mostly made of plastic, and you know the type of etchant tank u use? yes plastic

  17. aktechfreak says:

    etchant needs password? :)

  18. linus1936 says:

    Thank you for your time and effort!

  19. abasiyire says:

    hello thanks for your video ,can’t I use lexmark X11800 printer for the .. can i known you by your email….

  20. sirloon75 says:

    toner contains plastic, and cover the copper so etchant can’t access it.

  21. happyguy82 says:

    sorry for this amateur question but how does the toner prevent the acid from etching off the tracks underneath the print itself? is it because toner isn’t water permeable? thanks.

  22. Lokivoid says:

    go to your local goodwill, Look for a junked or old laser printer, Remove the Fusing roller asmbley and use that for your iron. It heats up to 200c and it heats bothsides aswell as compresses between the rollers. The other option is just modifying the printer it self to print directly onto the board (the paper is not required to bind the toner just heat). Another option is do it with a inkjet useing resist ink’s avoiding toner and heat all togather. But all require some degree of printer moding

  23. sirloon75 says:

    FYI, the temperature from my iron (the one on the video) is about 180°C. Not toot much I guess, even it is the max. I don’t know what would be the optimal temperature, but this is working perfectly for me.

  24. billkab says:

    This is one of the better vids on here, Way to go.

  25. thiagocoracini says:

    Hi there! Really nice video…Very helpful!
    Do you, or anybody, knows how to transfer the silkscreen part (top, without copper)?

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