PNHS Poms – Princess Cinderella pom dance competition routine 2010 at TDI Minooka high school – Plainfield North Tigerette Poms performing Princess Cinderella pom dance competition routine during TDI pom competition at MHS Minooka high school 01-24-2010. Plainfield North high school – Plainfield Illinois. Video uploaded by daddywongproductions Buy Daddy Wong Productions T-shirt . Be a part of my dance channel. http Free shipping with an order of $40 or more Buy inkjet cartridges, photo papers, P-touch label tapes and video accessories at CW Media Pro Ink and photo paper for Epson Canon HP and Brother printers Free shipping with an order of $40 or more

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25 Responses to “PNHS Poms – Princess Cinderella pom dance competition routine 2010 at TDI Minooka high school”

  1. Twilight7leanne says:

    my favorite

  2. damara12345 says:

    that was so cool

  3. vs8686 says:

    @sheslikeamelody’s just another type of dance like hip hop or jazz, just sharper, cheerleader-y movements with poms :)

  4. beiberfever52698 says:

    there wasnt any type of poms technique i also agree with kayla1681 there wasnt any dificulty in this performance and i think instead of making it look cool you should try technique and making it look perfect also make better song choices!

  5. TheCodylover1234 says:


  6. triumphantteal says:


  7. whoatherekelsey says:


  8. tiffanydarlene says:

    this is by far one of the best pom routines I have ever seen! very good girls!

  9. ilymeansrawr says:

    @lisscandomakeup yes usally, but they cab have different names like brigettes or drill team (: good luck

  10. kayla1681 says:

    It was very creative with the shapes their poms made but it seemed too easy. There was no difficulty

  11. LissCanDoMakeup says:

    i wanna be a pom… does every school have them? ill be in HS next year

  12. ilymeansrawr says:

    that was adorable !

  13. thatgirlnamedjordyn says:

    i thought the was the coolest and creative pom dance i’ve ever

  14. TheJoeGallegos says:

    it is bad and good but ill have to go with bad:(

  15. buonolove1 says:


  16. zobayer1 says:


  17. MsFairygirl13 says:

    omg!!!!! that was sooo good and awesome.I bet it took forever to learn.In the beginning yall was like patiently waiting.

  18. yaya456486 says:

    Such a cute routine!! Whoever thought of it deserves a nice pat on the back! I love watching your guys’ videos, you have very cute dances! :)

  19. dany03b says:

    @kelceejofarra oo thx i always spell it liuke tht now i now how to spell it thx to uuu :)

  20. lilyangel13 says:

    Wht place did you come? I hope it was first because it was really good!

  21. kelceejofarra says:

    6 peoples’ prince didn’t come…

  22. kelceejofarra says:

    @dany03b *perfect

  23. NeonDollar says:

    @GaEliteThunder i know the clock wasthe best!!! AWESOME!!

  24. dany03b says:

    Everything was perfut I loved it awesome job…… Sorry i don’t now how to spell perfuct

  25. jtdance02 says:

    FYI some day my prince will come is not from cinderella… its from snow white

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