Haul: Lush (from UK=cheaper!)

Follow me on twitter: twitter.com **Please check the current exchange rate before you order. They do change frequently! My exchange rate and conversion is from Aug 09, when I ordered.** I already did money conversion from pound to dollar when I say the prices. So $ in USA and $ in UK is in dollars, those are the real price differences after conversion.

Posted in Technology by Admin at March 19th, 2011.
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25 Responses to “Haul: Lush (from UK=cheaper!)”

  1. lolgasmicfilms says:

    I love your lush videos! I make lush vids too :) I subbed

  2. Thestupidlittlegirl says:

    Your lush videos are so helpful because I’m pretty new to the lush experience and now I know all of these helpful little tips. Your husband is so funny by the way, trying to sneak himself into your videos every so often.

  3. devonchr1 says:

    Do they do the after christmas sale on the uk site as well? Also does that sale start at exactly the day after christmas cause I know things go rather quicly and I don’t want to miss out on anything!!

  4. xCharleigh says:

    @misslipglosslover yes it is. its just stale.

  5. ceelovesyee says:

    would the shipping cost be different if you were located on the west coast?

  6. suejeannn says:

    where on the website does it say if we spend 50 pounds we get free lotion?

  7. Elliehatesschool says:

    @misslipglosslover Yes it is. JUst covered in lush crumbs.

  8. neonpinksapphire says:

    How iis the vanishing cream? do you like it. I have been ogling it for awhile lol

  9. Lovettesz says:

    @mirandarosepetal shipping is around 8ish 10ish dollars :)

  10. misslipglosslover says:


  11. sparklinggreenapple says:

    *vegan*ese is “vegan”- they dont contain animal products

  12. glintzy says:

    @yellowzebra915 A week or maybe a week and a half.

  13. yellowzebra915 says:

    hi! i was thinking about buying some from the uk but i just wanted to know about how long did it take for the shipping? thanks!! im really curios about this thank you glintzy!!!!!!!!!!! i loooove ur vids.

  14. rubixxcube00 says:

    i saw your video on ocean salt and you said the UK version is different from the US version..do you find that any other products come this way as well? i would like to save money but not if the integrity is going to be compromised..

  15. williammmxx says:

    ahahaha at the guy.


  16. williammmxx says:

    another tip is you can buy Lush from Canada for cheaper.

    and the products are the same

  17. ryababe24 says:

    r the bubble bars from the uk bigger then the canada ones like i heard?

  18. mirandarosepetal says:

    How much is the shipping? The products are definitely cheaper but the shipping is why it might not be worth it…

  19. gpafrank says:

    I was wondering which shipping you used? There are two options, and the prices are different.. Can we could choose either one?

  20. gpafrank says:

    I was wondering which shipping you used? There are two options, and the prices are different.. Can we could choose either one?

  21. ptiteShyM says:

    could you make a video about your favorite lush products!! this yould be nice!! :D

  22. glintzy says:

    @Dyenutsa Mine wasn’t, but it may depend on your credit card company.

  23. Dyenutsa says:

    was your credit card charged extra fees since you purchased stuff from a foreign country?

  24. leatherdrake says:

    i live in the uk, and if you go into a shop then you constantly get discounts for things like bringing your own bag and things

  25. sweetpimpin23 says:

    So will it tell you the shipping cost before you pay. I acted like I was going to pay and it said + 2.97 taxes and my total. Didn’t say anything about shipping?

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