Is running at night as good for you as running during the day?

I heard that running during the day is better for you than running in the mid-afternoon/night. I would prefer to run around 5 or 6 pm, but would that help me get in shape?

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  1. Eurobelle says:

    As long as you don’t get hit by a car, sure.

  2. Alex B says:

    ^^ Hah answer above.
    But seriously – are you kidding?
    And depends on the temperature and alot of factors.

  3. ~Sarah~ says:

    No thats not true lol :)
    It doesn’t really matter what time of day you run.
    But just make sure if you run at night you wear something so that drivers can see you so you don’t get ran over lol :D

  4. Mizz_Loveable says:

    Well as long as your running any running is fine and it will affect you in the same way (weight loss.) So as long as you don’t get hit by a car there will be no difference.

  5. Alexis B says:

    Running in hotter weather is good for improvement, but can be a pain to run in. On the other hand, cooler weather is easier to run in and you can go longer without having to stop and take in constant water. I would choose the evening just before it gets dark so you can also avoid getting hit.

    Good luck!

  6. Invicta 9937ob says:

    I´ve ran at all hours of the day, outside as well as inside on a treadmill. Apart from sweating more, and a higher degree of exposure to the sun, there is no real difference in running during the day as opposed to the night. Yet, running at a late hour of the night may put you in some level of danger to drunk drivers, and those with a criminal intent.

  7. Niki says:

    well i dont see what it matters but during the day you can get vitiam d from the sun

  8. Orie says:

    Neither is better than the other to do. I personally think it is easier to run in the evening because your muscles aren’t as tight as they are in the morning. I have to stretch so much more in the morning because my muscles are cold. Just do whats comfortable for u.

  9. Yeti says:

    Some places claim that running first thing in the morning is harder on your body than when it’s had a chance to wake up a bit.

    And some believe that running too late at night can interfere with sleep, etc.

    But otherwise there’s not a huge difference between day and night. The main concern would be how safety, traffic, etc., can vary at different times. In addition, if you’re training for a particular event, it’s better to train in conditions closest to what the event itself will be like. In some places you can encounter varying winds, humidity, temperatures, etc., at different times of the day.

    But if that time frame works for you, it works for you. Just be aware that if you have a daytime event coming up, you may not get ready for it as well as running during daytime hours.

  10. Fitness Treadmills says:

    It doesn’t matter the time of day, it does matter that you stay hydrated though. So if you’re in a very hot state, you need to make sure that you keep water on hand and drink plenty!!

  11. jgradyc says:

    It doesn’t matter when you run. Many veteran runners are forced to run when their work schedule allows, so some people run at 5am, some at lunch, and some in the evening after work. In the summer, heat can be a problem in the mid afternoon, but getting into shape has nothing to do with what time of day you run.

    One exception is training for a race. If you plan to race in the early morning, some of your workouts should be in the morning to adapt to running early in the day.

    The best time to run is when you can run so you don’t have to miss a day too often. Good luck.

  12. rbsax425 says:

    running at night is actually better for you depending on where you live. in some areas, running in the day time is hazardous because of extreme heat/bad oxygen/ozone. running in the morning or in the evening is better because all three of those should be at least somewhat better.

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